Tape of 911 Call Released as Jackson Autopsy Under Way

The recording of a 911 call made shortly before Michael Jackson was rushed to the hospital Thursday that reports a 50-year-old man is "not breathing" was released Friday as authorities conducted an autopsy on the pop music icon

FOXSexpert: Ohh ... No? Dealing With Post-Sex Regret

When oh-oh, turns into uh-oh! Avoiding post-sex regret can be tricky. Try these steps.

'Capitalism Will Fail,' Marijuana Leaf Part of School Mosaic

Symbols of communism and marijuana along with a prediction that 'capitalism will fail' aren't exactly the kind of end-of-year messages you'd expect from an eighth grader.

Somali Islamists Cut Off Hands and Feet of 4 Thieves

An Islamic court in Somalia on Thursday cut off a hand and foot from each of four men convicted of stealing phones and guns, drawing hundreds of onlookers as the weeping men were punished at a military camp.

Behind the Iconic Farrah Fawcett Red Swimsuit Poster

A record six million copies of the infamous Farrah Fawcett red bathing suit poster have been sold since its debut in 1976, turning it into the engine that drove two Ohio brothers from college dropouts to multimillionaires.

China Blocks Google to Stifle Online Dissent

A high-profile fight with Google has become part of China's efforts to sanitize the country's Internet and stifle online dissent, ahead of the country's much-anticipated 60th anniversary celebrations this fall.