Obama Won't 'Rush' Afghan Strategy, Troop Decisions

President tells troops he won't risk their lives unless 'absolutely necessary,' as critics say time is running out• 14 Americans Die in Afghan Chopper Crashes

Reid: Senate Bill WillHave Public Option

Majority leader says bill he brings to the floor will include gov't-backed health plan that allows states to opt out, but can he get the votes to pass it? | VIDEO

LSU considering tuition hike

BATON ROUGHE — Louisiana State University's chancellor says the school should not be afraid to increase tuition. The college board's annual report shows LSU students are paying less than other public universities. The average in-state tui

Cross-Like T-Shirt Design at Penn State Sparks Controversy

A cross-like design on T-shirts designed to stoke school spirit at Penn State University has some critics seeing red.

Report: Pilots Were Distracted by Using Laptops in Cockpit

The Northwest Pilots who overshot the Minneapolis airport by 150 miles on Sunday were distracted by using laptops in the cockpit, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Ares 1-X Rocket Launch Preview

NASA's brand-new rocket, the vehicle planned to launch astronauts spaceward after the space shuttles are retired, is poised to make its first-ever test flight Tuesday

Iraq Tightens Baghdad Security After Bloody Explosions

Iraqi security forces blocked streets around the capital Monday and carried out intense searches at checkpoints a day after two truck bombs exploded, killing 155 people in one of Baghdad's safest areas.

Experts: Latvian Meteor Crater Probably a Hoax

A large crater found in a meadow in northern Latvia may be a hoax, not a meteorite

UL loses homecoming game

LAFAYETTE — The Ragin Cajuns lost their homecoming game Saturday 51-29 to Florida Atlantic University. The defense failed to make tackles left and right as the FAU offense racked up a school record 624 yards. The Cajuns are now 4-3 overal

Autopsy Planned for Top Madoff Investor Found Dead in Pool

An autopsy was planned for a man accused of making more than $7 billion off the investment schemes of jailed financial manager Bernard Madoff.