U.S.: N. Korea Boosting Guerrilla War Capabilities

The commander of U.S. forces in South Korea says North Korea is believed to be boosting its capabilities to stage guerrilla warfare.

Man Arrested After Girl Says 'Daddy Killed Mommy'

An Indiana man arrested Monday night was accused of stabbing his estranged wife to death while his two daughters, 12 and 8, hid in a closet. Authorities said the older girl called 911 and told a dispatcher, "Daddy killed Mommy."

Taliban Commander Shot Dead in Pakistan

A Taliban faction leader who criticized the militant group's Pakistani head over attacks that killed civilians was fatally shot Tuesday, reportedly by one of his own guards.

Official: N. Korean Ship Carrying Weapons to Burma

A North Korean ship suspected of carrying illicit weapons cruised through waters off Shanghai on Tuesday en route to Myanmar, a news report said, as regional military officials and a U.S. destroyer was keeping a close eye on the vessel.

Prehistoric Giant Elephant Fossils Reconstructed

Indonesian scientists are reconstructing the largest, most complete skeleton of a prehistoric giant elephant ever found in the tropics, a finding that may offer new clues into the largely mysterious origins of its modern Asian cousin.

Jon and Kate Announce They're Splitting

Tonight on “Jon & Kate Plus Eight,” Jon and Kate Gosselin announced that they were separating after 10 years of marriage.

Arkansas Inmate Nearly Dies After Left in Feces

An Arkansas prisoner nearly died after guards left him lying naked in his own feces for a weekend, and while investigating the incident corrections officials found that guards received lap dances while on the job.