Microsoft Edits Black Man Out of Photo, Apologizes

Software giant Microsoft Corp. is apologizing for altering a photo on its Web site to change the race of one of the people shown in the picture.

$50G-a-Year Workaholic's Job Title: Homeless Beggar

For one homeless Australian man who considers begging for money a full-time job, the long hours on the street have landed him a middle-class salary, The Daily Telegraph reported.

Columbine-Style Attack by Armed Calif. Teen Thwarted

A teen armed with a sword and chainsaw who had several pipe bombs strapped to his body was arrested Monday after two explosions rocked San Mateo’s Hillsdale High School, KTVU reported.

Arkansas Mom Fails to Sell Baby's Name on eBay

After five auctions eBay, Lavonne Drummond, 36, saw a winning bid of $6,800 dashed Tuesday when a producer at an Internet radio talk show told the mother of six that he had no intention of paying for the naming rights of her seventh child.

Yahoo to Launch Arabic Portal

U.S. internet powerhouse Yahoo said on Tuesday it is acquiring, one of the Arab world's largest online portals, in a bid to tap into the Arab region, making Yahoo available in Arabic.

Dire Warning in H1N1 Fight

Health and human services secretary warns that school closings won't stop spread of H1N1 | VIDEO | COVERAGE

It Worked vs. It Went Too Far

CIA interrogation probe reignites national security debate on the effectiveness of the agency's tactics | VIDEO

$9T in the Hole (give or take a few trillion)

White House projects 10-year cumulative budget deficit at more than $9 trillion, but Congressional Budget Office pegs it at $7 trillion — either way, it's big | VIDEO

Mayor of New Jersey Town Vows to Fight Qaddafi Visit

The mayor of a New Jersey town where Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi plans to stay when he addresses the U.N. General Assembly next month says the 'terrorist' should reconsider.

S. Korea Launches Its First Rocket, Satellite Fails

South Korea's first rocket blasted off into space Tuesday following an aborted attempt last week and just months after its rival North Korea drew international ire for its own launch.