Clinton in Testy Exchange With Students

In lively give-and-take with Pakistani students, secretary of state says inaction comparable to giving up to terrorists

Investigators declare murders work of serial killer

JENNINGS — Officers investigating the death of eight Jefferson Parish woman have officially called the murders the work of serial killer. Investigators say all the victims likely knew one another, hung out in the same area and were known to

Former LA Governor Dave Treen Dead at 81

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Former Louisiana Gov.

Iran Gives IAEA 'Initial Response' on Nuke Proposal

The International Atomic Energy Agency said Thursday it has Iran's 'initial response' on a U.N.-drafted proposal to ship enriched uranium abroad.

FAA Slow to Alert Military of Wayward Plane

The Federal Aviation Administration violated its own rules by taking more than 40 minutes to alert the military after losing communication with a Northwest Airlines flight last week, according to officials.

Radical Islamic Group Leader Killed in FBI Raid

Federal authorities say a leader of what they describe as a nationwide radical fundamentalist Sunni Islam group has been fatally shot during an FBI raid in the Detroit area.

Family Gets Remains of Long-Missing WWII Airman

The remains of a World War II airman missing for 65 years after his bomber crashed into the Pacific Ocean have arrived in Southern California.

Judge denies congressman

LOUISIANA — A judge denied a move to dismiss the federal bankruptcy case against William Jefferson. The former congressman and his wife filed for liquidation after he was convicted of corruption. A trustee said the case should be filed u

Obama Signs Defense Bill With Hate Crime Measure

President signs $680B bill that includes controversial measure adding coverage of gays to hate crimes law