Two Lost Icons: For Generation X, A Really Bad Day

A record-shattering vinyl album and its moonwalking maestro. A paper poster of a golden-haired beauty in a one-piece swimsuit that was gossamer and clingy in all the right places.

Fans Around the World Mourn 'King of Pop' Michael Jackson

Morning television shows from Sydney to Tokyo interrupted programs Friday to report the news of Michael Jackson's death, while online fan pages dedicated to the King of Pop became impromptu memorial sites.

What Caused Michael Jackson's Cardiac Arrest?

It kills more people in the U.S. each year than breast cancer, lung cancer and HIV/AIDS combined. The condition is called sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) – and it only takes minutes to claim a person's life.

Court: Hustler Wrong to Print Photos of Wrestler's Wife

A federal appeals court ruled Thursday that Hustler Magazine didn't have the right to publish decades-old nude photographs of the wife of wrestler Chris Benoit, who killed the woman and his young son before committing suicide two years ago.

Twins Indicted in Arizona Diversity Office Mail Bombing

Twin brothers have been indicted in a 2004 mail bombing that injured the diversity director of the Arizona city of Scottsville.

Iowa Town Struggles to Understand Slaying of Coach

Parkersburg is left wondering what could have compelled shooting suspect Mark Becker to allegedly unload several shots from a handgun into his former coach, Ed Thomas, during an offseason team workout Wednesday morning.