Michael Moore: A Love Story? Not So Much

Michael Moore can dish it out. But can he take it? A cottage industry of filmmakers is looking to take him on at his own game.

Tiffany Registry Offers Gifts for the USS New York

Want to honor a loved one or see your name on a $2,800 Chippendale tray to be used on the U.S.S. New York? Well, now's your chance.

Council passes new driving penalties

LAFAYETTE — The Lafayette city council has passed a new law that will affect drivers at red lights. Drivers will now be fined $25 dollars if they do not come to a complete stop before they turn right at a stop light. The council also deci

FBI Raid on Islamic Butcher Mystifies Tiny Illinois Town

At 8 a.m. Sunday morning the population of Kinsman, Illinois, stood at 109. An hour later, upwards of 100 federal agents and police swooped in to the tiny rural community, nearly doubling the population — and no one seems to know why.

Missing Va. Student May Not Be Crime Victim, Police Say

The disappearance of a Virginia college student last seen at a heavy metal concert remained a mystery Thursday as state police said they had no evidence about whether or not Morgan Harrington is the victim of a crime.

Mum's the Word for NASA's Secret Space Plane X-37B

There is an air of vagueness regarding next year's Atlas Evolved Expendable launch of the unpiloted, reusable military space plane.

'Ex-Gay' Advocates Say Schools Ban Their Books

Visit a public school library and you'll find an array of books on homosexuality.

Infected shrimp threaten Gulf

LOUISIANA — Wildlife experts are worried about the appearance of Tiger Prawn in the Gulf of Mexico. Officials say the native shrimp species could possibly be infected with a variety of diseases.

Fla. Police Confirm Body in Landfill Is That of Missing Girl

Florida police have tentatively identified a child's body found in a landfill as that of a missing 7-year-old girl who vanished while walking home from school on Monday.

Hockey returns to Lafayette

LAFAYETTE — The Ice Gators hockey team is back in action Thursday at Blackham Coliseum. In the late 90s the team set attendance records for minor league hockey games. Coach Ron Handy will be leading the gators and says he is excited to be