Senate Reaches Deal on Saving 'Cash for Clunkers' Program

Senators have reached a deal on saving the dwindling "cash for clunkers" program, agreeing to vote Thursday on adding $2 billion to the popular rebate plan.

Manson Follower, Jailed in Plot to Kill Ford, Nears Release

Charles Manson follower convicted of attempting to assassinate President Gerald Ford is set to be released from a Texas federal prison later this month after serving more than 30 years behind bars.

Ark. Mother Sells Naming Rights of Unborn Son on eBay

What's in a name? Hopefully $25,000, says an Arkansas mom who will let the highest bidder on eBay name her unborn son.

Professors Protest Detention of Bloggers in Azerbaijan

A court hearing for a University of Richmond alumnus detained in Azerbaijan is expected to begin in September, two months after he and a fellow activist were arrested on charges of hooliganism.

Gunman Who Killed 3 at Gym Wrote of Hatred of Women

The gunman who opened fire on an exercise class in a Pittsburgh gym, killing three people and himself, hated women, had been planning his attack for months and 'chickened out' during an earlier attempt, he wrote in a blog.

Mission Accomplished

Former President Clinton leaves N. Korea with pardoned U.S. journalists, Clinton spokeman reports | VIDEO

Cops Confirm Mom in Crash That Killed 8 Was Very Drunk

A Long Island mother was very drunk, with an extra-large bottle of vodka in her car, and was smoking marijuana before she caused a wrong-way crash on a New York highway that killed her, her young daughter and six others, police said Tuesday.

Ex-Navy SEAL's Conviction Overturned in Co-Ed's Killing

The Virginia Court of Appeals has overturned the murder conviction of an ex-Navy SEAL trainee convicted of killing a Georgia college student who was vacationing in Virginia.