Dozens Nabbed in Medicare Fraud Busts

Federal authorities say they've arrested 32 people, including doctors, in Medicare fraud busts in Houston, New York, Louisiana and Boston.

Whale Saves Drowning Diver, Pulls Her to Surface

A beluga whale saved a drowning diver by hoisting her to the surface, carrying her leg in its mouth.

Pregnant Massachusetts Woman Killed, Fetus Taken

Detectives and worried relatives are searching desperately for a cold-hearted killer who murdered an 8-months-pregnant Massachusetts mom, cut her uterus open and took her nearly full-term baby girl.

NYC Buys Plane Tickets for Homeless to Leave City

New York City is buying one-way plane tickets for homeless families to leave the city.

Napolitano to Outline Anti-Terror Plans

Obama's approach to preventing terror attacks is expected to rely on refining and expanding Bush-era initiatives• U.S. Terror Arrests Spur Warning to Police

Health Care Battle Heats Up

Obama promotes living wills, but critics worry Medicare reimbursement will get tangled up in end-of-life issues

Powell: Harvard Scholar Should Have 'Reflected'

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell was mildly critical Tuesday of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., whose angry response to a Cambridge, Mass., police officer touched off a national debate involving President Barack Obama.

Study: Tanning Beds as Deadly as Arsenic

International cancer experts have moved tanning beds and other sources of ultraviolet radiation into the top cancer risk category, deeming them as deadly as arsenic and mustard gas.

Iraqi Forces Reportedly Open Fire, Beat Iranian Exiles

Iraqi forces raided a camp housing members of an Iranian opposition group north of Baghdad on Tuesday in a move that ran contrary to U.S. wishes and prompted clashes.

Report: Suspect in N.J. Corruption Scandal Found Dead

A political consultant involved in a corruption scandal in New Jersey has been found dead, has reported.