Fox Snatches Lunch From Boy Before Attacking Woman

A suspected rabid fox attacked a 76-year-old woman and went after a man who tried to help her, forcing a Worcester police officer to shoot the animal.

Strong Earthquake Rattles Greek Island

A strong magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck off the Greek island of Crete Wednesday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Interim Honduran Leader Vows Zelaya Will Not Return

Honduras' interim leader warned that the only way his predecessor will return to office is through a foreign invasion — though a potential showdown with the ousted president was delayed due to action Wednesday by the Organization of American St

Survivor of Yemen Crash Clung to Debris for 13 Hours

Despite a fractured collarbone, a teenage girl clung to the wreckage of a plane for more than 13 hours before rescuers found her floating in the Indian Ocean, authorities said Wednesday. She is the only known survivor of the crash.

Alleged Gunman in Detroit Shooting Turns Himself In

Police say one of two gunmen suspected of opening fire on a group of teenagers at a bus stop in Detroit turned himself in.

FDA Panel Recommends Eliminating Some Pain Meds

Government experts say prescription drugs like Vicodin and Percocet that combine a popular painkiller with stronger narcotics should be eliminated because of their role in deadly overdoses.

CIA Report Set for Release

Internal report on the agency's secret detention and interrogation program to be released after initial delay