Crowd Watches Spaceship Launcher Take Off

The twin-fuselage craft named WhiteKnightTwo, looking like two planes connected at the wing tips, circled the runway several times before touching down at the Experimental Aircraft Association's Air Venture annual gathering.

Pregnant Women Likely to Be First for Swine Flu Shots

Swine flu has been hitting pregnant women unusually hard, so they are likely to be among the first group advised to get a new swine flu shot this fall.

Senate Nears Health Care Deal

Bipartisan group in Senate is edging closer to a health care compromise that omits two key Democratic priorities

Sweeping Wall St. Pay Limits Sought

Proposal by Rep. Barney Frank seeks unprecedented power in how private financial executives are rewarded

Date Set for Harvard Scholar, Cop to Meet With Obama at W.H.

The professor, the policeman and the president are ready to share a beer — and maybe a few thoughts about race and law enforcement in America.

Study: Texting Raises Risk of Crash 23-Fold

Texting while driving increases the risk of a crash much more than previous studies have concluded with motorists taking their eyes off the road longer than they do when talking or listening on their cell phones

Senate Group Dropping Key Dem Health Goals

After weeks of secretive talks, a bipartisan group in the Senate edged closer Monday to a health care compromise that omits two key Democratic priorities but incorporates provisions to slow the explosive rise in medical costs, officials said.

2 Charged in Fatal Beating Near Phillies' Ballpark

Two men have been charged with murder and a third is in custody in the beating death of a man outside the Philadelphia Phillies' ballpark during a game.

WWII Vet Works to Get Canine Service Dogs for Wounded Vets

When World War II vet Irwin Stovroff is helping to get service dogs for wounded soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan that can greatly improve their rehabilitation.

Dems Use New NumbersTo Refute GOP Health Claims

Speaker says health care reform bill 'on schedule' for 'whenever,' as House Dems refute GOP claims that public plan will drive private insurers out of business