Iran's Top Leader Warns of Protest Crackdown

Iran's supreme leader said Friday that the country's disputed presidential vote had not been rigged, sternly warning protesters of a crackdown if they continue massive demonstrations demanding a new election.

Poll: Obama Seen as Pro-Palestinian

New poll finds only 6 percent of Israeli Jews see Obama as pro-Israel, in stark contrast to the Bush administration

3 Killed in House Explosion in Texas

An adult couple and a teenager were killed Thursday in an explosion at the home where they had recently been remodeling.

30 in Church Group Fall Ill; Swine Flu Suspected

Health officials suspect swine flu has sickened at least 30 children in a Texas church's youth choir group on a bus trip in Colorado.

Minnesota Woman Fined $1.92M in File-Sharing Retrial

A replay of the nation's only file-sharing case to go to trial has ended with the same result — a Minnesota woman was found to have violated music copyrights and must pay huge damages to the recording industry.

Mom Accused of Burning Daughter, 6, in Voodoo Ritual

The mother and grandmother of a 6-year-old New York City girl were charged with burning her during a Haitian voodoo ritual and then failing to get help for the crying child.

Iran Ultimatum to Mousavi: Toe the Line or Else

Supreme Leader tells candidate whose followers are challenging Iran's regime to back him at Friday prayers or be cast out.

Billionaire Stanford Surrenders, to Appear in Court

Texas billionaire R. Allen Stanford is scheduled to appear before a federal judge in Virginia at 1:30 p.m. Eastern time Friday for an initial hearing after surrendering to FBI agents on fraud charges the day before.