Sarkozy: France 'Cannot Accept' Burqas

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has taken aim at full body Islamic gowns, saying his country 'cannot accept' that women are forced to wear them.

Perez Hilton Sues Peas Manager for Battery

Perez Hilton has sued the Black Eyed Peas manager for battery and emotional distress.

Rihanna Expected in Court Hearing Against Chris Brown

Pop singer may be required to testify against former boyfriend and alleged abuser Chris Brown

Helicopter Pilot Buries Injured Man in Sand After Crash

An Australian helicopter pilot buried his severely injured passenger in sand to save him from hypothermia after a crash.

Iacocca Tells Detroit to Kick Government Out ASAP

Former Chrysler CEO Lee Iacocca has some advice for the people who are running his old company, and those who will lead the new General Motors: Get the government out of your business as soon as possible.

REPORT: Jon and Kate File Separation Papers in Pa. Court reported that Jon and Kate Gosselin filed for separation in Pennsylvania before TLC announcement Monday

'Nurses' Serve Calorie-Laden Food at Heart Attack Grill

A hospital-themed restaurant in Arizona is being criticized for serving an extremely unhealthy menu, including massive burgers, and having waitresses dressed in sexy nurses outfits.

Cops: Dad Kills Son During Argument on Father's Day

Authorities say Bernard Uckele killed his son Justin with a handgun about 12:45 p.m. Sunday in the garage of Uckele's home in Jackson Township.