Obama Urges Restraint asGOP Issues Call to 'Lead'

President says he does not want to become a scapegoat for Iran's leadership — as Republicans accuse him of being too 'timid' in response to election protests

Exclusive: Behind Leighton Meester's Sex Tape Saga

Why did a leading adult site turn down the offer to purchase the alleged unauthorized tape of the 'Gossip Girl' star?

Antelope Knocks Couple Off Speeding Motorcycle

An antelope in Grand Teton National Park leaped into a roadway and knocked a couple off of a speeding motorcycle, sending both to the hospital.

Report: Girl, 3, Beheaded in 'Land Dispute' Attack

Police made the shocking discovery on the country's northeastern coast after residents reported that up to seven men had abducted the girl from the coastal village of Bogia.

Suspected 'Craigslist Killer' Arraigned on Murder Charges

Philip Markoff pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and other charges.

Quantas Jet Plunges 800 Feet in Turbulence Scare

Terrified passengers were thrown around the cabin when the plane they were traveling in suddenly plummetted towards the ground.

Armed Man Holds 3 Hostage in Calif. Police Standoff

Arcadia police Captain Gene Gioia says a police SWAT team and sheriff's negotiators have been trying for hours without success Monday to communicate with the man.

Iranian Police Attack Hundreds of Opposition Protesters

Iranian police attacked hundreds of opposition protesters Monday with tear gas and fire in the air to disperse a new rally in Tehran.

U.S., Russia to Discuss Nuclear Arms Reduction Pact

The United States and Russia will hold two days of talks in Geneva this week on replacing the expiring Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty.

Brazil Identifies 11 Bodies From Air France Crash

Ten of 50 bodies recovered from the Air France flight that plunged into the Atlantic three weeks ago have been identified as Brazilians, medical examiners said.