It's Official: Water Found on the Moon

The new findings, detailed in the Sept. 25 issue of the journal Science, come in the wake of further evidence of lunar polar water ice by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and just weeks before the planned lunar impact of NASA's LCROSS satellite.

Ahmadinejad: 'Despicable Intimidation' by West

Capitalism’s "unfair system of fault has reached the end of the road and is unable to move," Ahmadinejad, Iran’s president, said in his highly anticipated speech

Teacher Dead in Stabbing at High School in Tyler

Some sad and shocking news to report out of east Texas tonight. A teacher has died in a stabbing at a high school in Tyler. 52 year-old Todd Henry was killed this morning. According to our reports, he was stabbed in the chest while trying to

Security Beefed Up in Pittsburgh Ahead of G-20 Summit

As local, state and federal authorities beef up security ahead of the G-20 summit in downtown Pittsburgh, several protest groups are claiming that they've been targeted in an attempt to silence demonstrators.

Next Up: The Pelosi Plan

House Democratic Caucus Chairman says speaker's new bill will blend plans from three different committees

Qaddafi Lauds Obama in Rambling Attack on U.N.

Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, declaring that "we'd be content and happy if Obama can stay president forever," launched into a rambling assault against the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday.

Complaint Suggests NYPD Misstepped in Terror Probe

Police acting without the FBI's knowledge may have inadvertently helped blow the surveillance of a terrorism suspect and compromised a bomb plot investigation at a sensitive stage by questioning an imam about him, a criminal complaint suggests.

Ice in Greenland, Antarctic 'in Runaway Melt Mode'

New satellite information shows that ice sheets in Greenland and western Antarctica continue to shrink faster than scientists thought and in some places are already in runaway melt mode.

U.S. Closes Mexico Border Crossing After Shootout

Four people were injured and the busiest border crossing in the U.S.

So, Where's NATO?

As public support erodes for Afghanistan war, many allies are backing away from pledge to unite against terrorists