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Maxim Monday: Hogwarts Hotties the Big Stars of Latest 'Harr

Was your school's cheerleading squad able to summon giant Griffins?

Police: Woman Dies During Voodoo Cleansing Ritual

Authorities are investigating how an Arkansas woman died Sunday in what they call a voodoo cleaning ritual in a southern New Jersey town house.

Brain Tumor May Be Reason Man Hiccups Every 2 Secs

Christopher Sands has hiccupped 20 million times in two years. A brain tumor may be the reason why.

Father Dies Trying to Save Son From Irate Driver

The driver reportedly got into a fight with his wife in the parking lot of a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in Baychester, got in his car and erratically drove through the parking lot and streets.

Alleged Internet Bomb-Threat Teen Prankster Indicted

A North Carolina teenager whose mother claimed he was unfairly detained under the USA Patriot Act was indicted on federal charges last week over accusations that he made Internet-based bomb threats to colleges, universities and high schools.

Jon Gosselin Parties With New Young Mistress in Saint Tropez

Jon snapped chain-smoking with new 22-year-old mistress aboard designer's yacht just weeks after divorce announcement

South Korea Lowers Cyberattack Alert

South Korea's spy agency lowered the country's cyberattack alert Monday as affected Web sites returned to normal after suffering outages in a series of assaults that have cast suspicion on North Korea.

Dead Woman Was Found With Crucifix Taped on Lips

The cleaning woman whose body was found in a New York City building had been hogtied and her mouth taped shut — left with her gold crucifix dangling over it.

Gov. Accuses Zoo of False Threats to Destroy Animals

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick accused Zoo New England of using false and inflammatory scare tactics to draw sympathy to Boston's Franklin Park Zoo after it claimed that budget cuts would force as many as 200 animals to be euthanized.

Where Did MJ's Money Go? His Crazy Day-to-Day Expenses

Court documents reveal the King of Pop's excessive spending habits that caused him to blow through millions per month