Judge Nixes Ban on Military Recruitment of Minors

A federal judge has struck down two Northern California city ordinances banning military recruitment of minors.

FBI: Michigan Man Not Long-Missing New York Boy

The FBI says DNA testing has confirmed that a 54-year-old Michigan man is not a toddler kidnapped in Long Island, N.Y., in 1955.

Shelter Nixes Plan to Kill 50 Strays for 12 Pit Bulls

Officials of a New Mexico animal shelter say they have canceled plans to euthanize more than 50 dogs to make room for court-held pit bulls.

Child Sex Charge Against Mom of Four Leaves Town Reeling

Allegations that a mother of four young kids in Maine Webcast the sexual assault of one of her children have rocked the small town in which she lives.

Actor Stephen Collins Says Death Penalty for 'Politicians Wh

The '7th Heaven' actor, who has meditated with death row inmates, is an outspoken opponent of capital punishment