Web Searches on Celebs, Lyrics Return Viruses

Michael Phelps may have conquered the 2008 Olympics, but he might also be destroying studentsÂ’ computers.

Woods' U.S. Open Title Defense Starts With Adventure

Tiger Woods' defense of the U.S. Open championship started with an adventure.

Pop Tarts: Jessica Simpson Fragrance Inspired by Tony Romo?

It seems the new scent from Jessica Simpson was inspired by her ever-evolving relationship with NFL star Tony Romo.

Dad: I Didn't Kidnap Son Who Claims to Be Missing Boy

The father of a Michigan man who believes he was snatched from his real parents in New York half a century ago called the speculation 'a bunch of foolishness.'

Climate Report: U.K. Could Soon Look Like Spain

British summers could soon be like those in the drought-ridden Mediterranean, and the winters characterized by severe flooding, according to a new report on climate change.

NASA Heads Back to the Moon for First Time in Decade

NASA launched its first moon shot in a decade Thursday, sending up a pair of unmanned science probes that will help determine where astronauts could land and set up camp in years to come.

Al Qaeda Blamed for Somali Security Minister Attack

A homicide bombing outside a hotel in western Somalia killed at least 20 people, including the national security minister.

UK Releases Lawmakers' Expenses Amid Scandal

Britain's Parliament posted copies of lawmakers' expense claims online Thursday, but censored almost all of the juicy details that have triggered public anger and forced dozens of legislators to resign.

Bush Blasts Obama Policies

While saying he would not directly criticize Obama, Bush uses speech to direct aim at new president's policies• PETA Wishes Obama Hadn't Swatted That Fly