Sanford to Cabinet: I'm Sorry

South Carolina governor — mired in scandal over affair — apologizes, likens confession to King David | VIDEO

Report: Nestle Refused to Turn Over Documents to FDA

Inspection reports from a Nestle USA cookie dough factory released Friday show the company refused several times to provide Food and Drug Administration inspectors with complaint logs, pest-control records and other information.

Zimbabwe Diamond Mine Violates Human Rights

Diamonds, soldiers, smugglers, helicopter gun ships, child labor, torture, rape, and more than 200 dead. It sounds like a scene from the film Blood Diamond, but it’s no movie.

Lieutenant Gov.: Sanford Should Stay

South Carolina Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer says he'll try to help disgraced governor through the rest of his term

Police Chief and 91 Officers Detained in Mexico

A police chief and 91 officers were detained Thursday in a sweep on a city in central Mexico. The authorities are suspected of sheltering the Zetas, one of the country’s most violent drug gangs.

Demerol: Did It Cause Michael Jackson's Death?

The painkiller Demerol can be summed up in just a few words: Highly addictive with a slew of side effects. It's also the same drug that is rumored to have been given to Michael Jackson in the moments before he "collapsed and stopped breathing."