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Jackson Family Feud: Where Will Michael Be Buried?

In a move that highlights decades of internal feuding, Michael Jackson's family is locked in a stubborn battle over what to do with the king of pop's remains.

Cops: Killers of Fla. Parents of 16 Kids Appear Experienced

Florida law enforcement officials said Saturday that the people who killed a couple in their Panhandle home last week as their children slept appeared experienced.

Italy's Nocentini in First Place in Tour de France

Italy's Rinaldo Nocentini captured the yellow jersey in Friday's seventh stage of the Tour de France, and Alberto Contador swiped second place from Lance Armstrong.

Ships Ending Search for Air France Black Boxes

Ships have been called off the search for the black boxes of crashed Air France Flight 447, a U.S. Commander said Friday. French submarines will continue the search.

Report: Charlize Theron Hospitalized With Serious Virus

The Oscar-winning actress spent four nights in a Los Angeles hospital last week after contracting a painful stomach virus

More Disturbed Graves Found in Illinois Cemetery Scam

Authorities say about 30 more cases of disturbed graves have turned up at a historic black cemetery in Illinois where four people are accused of unearthing hundreds of corpses in a scheme to resell burial plots.

Billy Mays' Final TV Pitches Set To Air

In the Mighty Tape pitch, Mays dons scuba gear, goes underwater and punctures a hole in the hose connecting the air tank to his mouth

Palin Move All About the Benjamins?

Bristol's ex Levi Johnston says Alaska governor resigned over finances, wants 'lucrative' deals• FOX FORUM: The Score Stands at Palin 1, Pundits 0

Reported Rape at Home of Atlanta Falcons Player

Authorities in Georgia are searching for a suspect accused of raping a woman at a party hosted by an Atlanta Falcons wide receiver.

Pope: Join My Booklist

Benedict XVI gives Obama booklet explaining Vatican opposition to abortion, stem cell research | VIDEO