Racketeering Defendant's Rap Sheet Dates Back to '43

At 92, Frank Colacurcio Sr. shows little sign of slowing down in a life of crime that began back in the FDR administration with a statutory rape conviction.

3 Beaten by Philly Cops Acquitted on Shooting Charges

Three men beaten by Philadelphia police during an arrest caught on videotape have been cleared of all charges in a triple shooting on the same night.

Patients Praise Jackson's Doctor as 'Loving Soul'

While records indicate that Michael Jackson's cardiologist has had his share of financial woes, former patients of Dr. Conrad Murray defended the doctor as a 'loving soul' who stressed holistic living instead of narcotics and painkillers.

Iranian Gov't Says Neda Soltan's Murder Was 'Staged'

Iran's chief of police said Wednesday that the murder of 26-year-old protester Neda Soltan was staged, according to Iran's Press TV — a statement that rights groups and Iran watchers are calling a propagandistic lie.

The 10 Most-American Cars

Feeling patriotic? Buying American can still seem pretty foreign