Mayors, Rabbis Allegedly Trafficked Knock-Off Gucci Bags

Some of the more than four dozen politicians and rabbis caught Thursday in a sweeping corruption sting trafficked items like fake Gucci bags as well as laundering thousands in cash, federal authorities said.

Israeli Missile-Defense Test Aborted

Tests of a missile-defense system meant to shield Israel from Iranian attack were aborted over the past week on three occasions because of various malfunctions, Israeli defense officials said Thursday.

Kidnap Ruse? Missing Texas Soldier Found, Arrested

A Texas soldier who mysteriously disappeared from his base and whose family claimed he'd been kidnapped for ransom was in police custody early Thursday as authorities tried to find answers about whether the abduction story was just an elaborate hoax.

Woman With Rare Illness Weighs 476 Lbs., Stands 6'6

A woman suffering from a rare hormonal disorder stands 6-feet, 6-inches, weighs 476 pounds and is still growing

Double-Arm Recipient Doing Well; Scratching Back, Head

The world's only transplant recipient of two full arms is progressing well, scratching his back and head.

Iceland Formally Applies to Join European Union

Sweden says that Iceland has formally applied to join the European Union.

Judge Accepts Mumbai Gunman's Confession

An Indian judge accepted the confession of the lone surviving gunman from the shooting attacks in Mumbai, but said Thursday the trial would proceed anyway.

Man Claims He Bit Into Condom in French Onion Soup

A 50-year-old California man says he ordered French onion soup and bit into a condom instead of melted cheese.