Obama Tries Pressing 'Reset'

President, working to drastically reshape U.S. relations with a skeptical Russia, says the two countries are not 'destined to be antagonists' after praising Putin

U.S. Set for Talks on Boosting S. Korean Missiles

The United States is open to talks on the possibility of South Korea developing ballistic missiles capable of striking all of North Korea, a South Korean Defense Ministry official said Tuesday.

World's Oldest Christian Bible Digitized

Surviving pages of the world's oldest Christian Bible reunited — digitally.

Running of the Bulls Kicks Off in Pamplona, 4 Hurt

Thrill-seekers sprinted through Pamplona in a swift and relatively clean start to the running of the bulls.

Ousted Honduran Leader to Meet With Clinton

A day after failing to land in Honduras to confront the interim government that ousted him in a coup, Zelaya boarded a plane bound for Washington, where U.S. officials said he would meet with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Pakistan: U.S. Strike on Taliban Camp Kills 12

Suspected U.S. missiles slammed into a training camp ran by Pakistani Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud on Tuesday, killing at least 12 militants in the latest in a flurry of strikes against him and his followers, intelligence officials said.

NATO: Afghan Chopper Crash Kills 3 Troops

A spokesman for NATO says two Canadian troops and a Briton were killed in a helicopter crash in southern Afghanistan.

Fans, Stars Pay Tribute to Michael Jackson in L.A.

Michael Jackson's body was transported from a private memorial service at a Hollywood Hills cemetery to a massive public memorial in downtown Los Angeles that began shortly after 10 a.m. PDT Tuesday