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Swine Flu 'Patient Zero' Found in Mexico

The world's first known swine flu victim was a six-month-old baby girl in northern Mexico who had no known contact with pig farms, the head of a laboratory studying the virus said on Thursday.

Records: American Trained With Al Qaeda in Pakistan

Bryant Neal Vinas took courses in plastic explosives and bomb theory, according to a statement he gave to investigators as part of a terrorism case in Belgium

Video Shows Calif. Man Saving Girl from Burning SUV

The CHP says the driver of the SUV shouted that her granddaughter was still inside, and McDonald went in to pull the girl out.

No 'Victory' in Afghanistan?

Securing Afghanistan near top of Obama's foreign policy agenda, but he says 'victory' isn't necessarily U.S. goal

You'll Keep Your Coverage, Unless...

Obama says those happy with their health plan won't have to change, but employers could decide otherwise

Rising Casualties in Afghanistan Raises Doubts on War

Europeans and Canadians are growing weary of the war — or at least their involvement in combat operations — even as President Obama is shifting military resources to Afghanistan away from Iraq.

Maine Court Upholds IBM Heir's Adoption of Lesbian Lover

Maine's highest court gave a legal victory Thursday to a woman who stands to stake a claim to a share of one of America's premier business fortunes thanks to her adoption by her lesbian partner.

Girl, 8, Allegedly Lured With Chewing Gum in Sex Assault

Phoenix police responding to a report of hysterical screams say they found an 8-year-old girl partially clothed in a shed and four young boys running away.

Michael Jackson's Doctor Target of Manslaughter Probe

A lawyer for Jackson's doctor says police were searching the clinic for evidence of manslaughter