Bin Laden to America: Prepare for Revenge Against U.S.

Al Qaeda chieftain Usama bin Laden warned Americans to 'be prepared to receive the consequences' of the Obama and Bush administrations, Al Jazeera TV reported Wednesday.

Eddie Cibrian's Wife: LeAnn Rimes Is Stalking My Husband

In an interview with Us magazine, Cibrian’s wife, model Brandi Glanville, says the singer, 26, refuses to let go of an unhealthy obsession with her husband.

Feds Figure ForeclosuresInto 'Next Katrina' Plan

Should a Katrina-like storm devastate Florida, FEMA officials have an unusual plan for displaced evacuees

Defense Psychologist Says 'Clark Rockefeller' Is Delusional

Lawyers for the man who calls himself Clark Rockefeller began their defense in his kidnapping trial Wednesday with the testimony of a forensic psychologist who said he is "completely deluded" and not responsible for his actions.

U.S. Releases Nuke Secrets by Mistake

Gov't office accidentally posts 'highly confidential' list that gives detailed information about nuclear sites, programs

Pregnant U.K. Heroin Smuggler Gets Life in Prison in Laos

A pregnant British woman found guilty in Laos of trafficking heroin has avoided a firing squad but was sentenced to life in prison.

'Guilty' Plea in Case of Pet Food That Killed Thousands

A Las Vegas-based company and its owners have agreed to plead guilty in connection with tainted pet food in 2007 that may have killed thousands of dogs and cats, according to a court document.

Fire Destroys Controversial Topless Coffee Shop

Jokes about cup size came grinding to a halt Wednesday after a fire destroyed a controversial topless cafe in a residential neighborhood in Maine, and fire investigators believe it was intentionally set.

Report: Sacha Baron Cohen Sued Over Bingo Melee

It's all fun and games until someone gets confined to a wheelchair