New Kids On The Block Takes Knockoff Boy Band to Court

The last thing the world needs is another New Kids on the Block — which is exactly why the band is suing someone for allegedly trying to form a fake New Kids on the Block.

Holocaust Museum Reopens After Deadly Shooting

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum has reopened after a day of mourning for a guard authorities say was killed in an attack by a rifle-toting white supremacist.

Rihanna, Chris Brown Sit Separately at NBA Finals

Former couple reportedly requests to sit together at NBA finals, but end up on opposite ends of same row

Saudi Princess Sought for $98G Unpaid Lingerie Bill

In total, the princess owes millions in unpaid shopping bills to a string of high-end Paris retailers.

Paris Hilton Scores With Soccer Superstar Hookup

Champagne-swilling Ronaldo Cristiano and Paris Hilton got down and dirty as they teamed up to celebrate the soccer ace's $131 million transfer.

Shuttle Endeavour Ready for Launch

The fully staffed International Space Station is about to get even more crowded when seven shuttle astronauts join the six men already aboard, boosting the number of people aboard to 13 - its highest population ever.

Boy Hit by Meteorite Traveling at 30,000 MPH

A teenager was hit by a meteorite travelling at 30,000mph - and lived to tell.

Petraeus: Afghan Violence Hits Highest Level Since 2001

The violence that has surged for two years in Afghanistan reached a new high last week, and more difficulty lies ahead, the United States' top war zone commander said Thursday.