GM Finds Mystery Buyer for Hummer

General Motors Corp. said Tuesday that it has tentatively agreed to sell its Hummer brand.

Judge Puts 'Columbo' Star Falk in Conservatorship

A judge placed former "Columbo" star Peter Falk in a conservatorship Monday to ensure his daughter could occasionally visit the ailing 81-year-old actor.

Conan O'Brien Makes Debut on 'The Tonight Show'

Conan O'Brien debuted as host of "The Tonight Show" Monday with a "run" across the country to Los Angeles and some other comedy bits emphasizing his entry into a strange new culture.

North Korea Readying Several Missile Tests

North Korea is preparing to launch three or four medium-range missiles, along with an ICBM, amid moves by Kim Jong Il to anoint his third son as heir to the world's first communist dynasty, reports and experts said Tuesday.

Pakistan Court Orders Release of Mumbai Suspect

A Pakistani court on Tuesday ordered the release of a hard-line Islamist cleric allegedly linked to last year's deadly attacks in the Indian city of Mumbai, his lawyer said, setting the stage for a new round of tensions between the neighboring countr