Michael Douglas Wanted to Impregnate Zeta-Jones Immediately

"My very first impression was that he was very funny and very charming," Catherine Zeta-Jones told Tarts. "And straight away he was very direct that he wanted to be the father of my children. So that was it..."

How to Build the World's Most Powerful Warship

To design the Navy's new Ford-class aircraft carrier, architects rely on virtual reality to shape 54,000 tons of steel into the world's most powerful warship.

Clinton Affirms Iranian Right to Choose Leader

President Mamoud Ahmadinejad was declared the winner in a landslide late last week, prompting calls from opposition candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi to investigate potential fraud.

400 Pieces of Air France Crash Jet Recovered

French investigators said Wednesday more than 400 pieces of Flight 447 have been recovered in a painstaking search in the Atlantic but no conclusions have yet been reached in the probe.

Iran Guards Warn of Crackdown as New Rally Planned

Iran's most powerful military force warned online media on Wednesday of a crackdown over their coverage of the country's election crisis as the opposition movement called for a new public rally in Tehran.

Ala. Woman Reportedly Goes Overboard on Cruise Ship

The Coast Guard sent out ships and aircraft to search the Gulf of Mexico for an Alabama woman who reportedly went overboard from a cruise ship early Tuesday.

7 More Swine Flu Deaths Reported in NYC

Health officials on Tuesday reported seven more deaths from swine flu, bringing the city's total to 23, the most in the nation.

N. Korea Warns U.S. of 'Thousand-Fold' Military Action

North Korea warned Wednesday of a "thousand-fold" military retaliation against the U.S. and its allies if provoked, the latest threat in a drumbeat of rhetoric in defense of its rogue nuclear program.