F-22s Running on Empty

Senate votes to strip funding to purchase more F-22 fighters from defense spending bill | PHOTOS

Murder of Sleeping Seattle Women Leaves Town Shaken

Police have told shaken residents of a south Seattle neighborhood that an attack on two women stabbed as they slept in their home appears to be random.

D.A.: Pitcher on Trial in Brawl 'Decided to Hurt Someone'

A minor-league pitcher accused of throwing a baseball during a brawl that struck and injured a fan in the stands had been angry and decided to hurt someone, a prosecutor said Tuesday.

Crews Search for 2 Missing Boaters Off Florida Coast

South Florida officials are searching the waters off the east coast of Florida for a second day for two missing boaters.

ESPN Sportscaster Erin Andrews Videotaped Nude Through Hotel

The sideline siren wants the creepy cameraman brought to justice, both for herself and to keep other victims from having to go through the same nightmare

Shuttle Astronauts Answer Embarrassing Questions

Astronauts describe what it's like to sneeze in space as part of YouTube/Twitter Q&A.

Dem Divide on Health Care

Blue Dog House Democrats scuttle markup of health care reform, raising question of full support | VIDEO

Newborn Hospitalized After Dog Drags Him From Crib

An infant was hospitalized in critical condition after his family's dog took him from his crib and carried him outside his central Kentucky home.

Will the Jackson Kids Become Jehovah's Witnesses?

Jackson's kids turn to mother's strict faith to help cope with the loss of their father

EXCLUSIVE: Jackson Death Probe Zeroes In on Drug Source

The investigative team heading the probe into Michael Jackson's death conducted interviews with physicians and personnel at medical facilities in Las Vegas on Monday, a law enforcement source close to the investigation told FOXNews.com.