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Fox News Now for June 29, 2009.

Iraqi Forces Assume Control of Baghdad, Other Cities

Iraqi forces assume formal control of Baghdad and other cities after American troops hand over security in urban areas in a defining step toward ending the U.S. combat role in the country.

David Carradine's Private Coroner Speculates Drugs Likely Ca

Baden says autopsies usually reveal a cause of death the same day, unless dryugs are involved

Setback for Sotomayor?

Supreme Court rules white Conn. firefighters unfairly denied promotions, reversing Sotomayor ruling | VIDEO

Joe Jackson: Michael's Funeral Will be a Public Affair

Joe Jackson says plans for a funeral will await autopsy findings about what happened to his son, who died Thursday at age 50.

Missing Moon-Landing Videotapes May Have Been Found

British paper reports NASA has found long-lost original footage of first astronauts walking on moon.

Impressionist Fred Travalena Dies From Cancer at 66

Travalena was known for impressions of hundreds of stars, including Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Clint Eastwood, and even Michael Jackson

Drug-Resistant Swine Flu Turns Up in Denmark

Health officials have confirmed a case of swine flu that is resistant to Tamiflu, the leading pharmaceutical weapon against the new virus.