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Gay Marriage Opponents Rally in California

Hundreds of people waived signs and rallied at Fresno City Hall on Sunday to show support for the voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage in California, a day after thousands marched in the area against the ban.

Lawyer: Mom in Abduction Hoax Case to Get Mental-Health Help

Pennsylvania woman accused in an abduction hoax that ended in Florida and involved her 9-year-old daughter is staying with relatives following her release from a county prison, her lawyer said.

Iran: Guards Foil Hijack Attempt on Plane

Iran's official news agency says air guards successfully foiled an attempt to hijack an Iranian passenger plane.

Israel Won't Bow to U.S. Call

Official says Israel won't accept U.S. demands that West Bank settlement activity end, a key hurdle in peace talks• Israel Begins Biggest Civil Defense Drill

Israel Begins Biggest Civil Defense Drill in History

Israel began the biggest civil defense drill in its history on Sunday, training soldiers, emergency crews and civilians for the possibility of war at a time of rising tensions with Iran.

Pakistan: Swat Valley Ops Have Met 'Almost Complete Success'

People trapped at home for weeks emerged in search of food at barren shops while corpses lay exposed in the Swat Valley's main city Sunday, as a Pakistani official suggested the army offensive against the Taliban in the region could end in days.

S. Korea Criticizes N. Korea Over Nuclear, Missile Tests

South Korea and Thailand criticized North Korea on Sunday, saying the country's nuclear test threatens world peace and stability and harms efforts to prevent atomic proliferation.

EXCLUSIVE: Behind-the-Scenes Photos of Guantanamo Bay

FOX News' Catherine Herridge is the only American network TV correspondent at Guantanamo Bay for the commissions.

Dems Pledge Support on Health Care

Sens. Baucus, Kennedy announce they'll work together to come up with legislation to overhaul health care