NAACP Rallies for Cop Killer on Death Row

The NAACP has held a rally in Savannah aimed at sparing the life of death-row inmate Troy Davis, who was convicted of killing a police officer 20 years ago.

Man Killed By Computerized Vehicle While Inspecting Track

Police say a Metromover car rolled over and killed a station supervisor as he inspected the tracks.

Father in Chief

Obama talks about the absence of his father and reflects on mistakes he made as a Dad

Language Lesson: Britain Nixes 'I Before E' Rule

British government guidance tells teachers not to pass on the rule to students, because there are too many exceptions

Infant Dies as Someone Rolls Onto Her While Sleeping

Fort Wayne police are investigating the death of a baby girl who apparently died when someone rolled over onto her as they were sleeping.

Obama Challenges Iran

President Obama calls on Iranian government to 'stop all violent and unjust actions against its own people'• Iran Police Clash With Protesters in Bloody Crackdown

Iconic Signed Photo of Albert Einstein Sells for $74K

One of the original signed prints of Albert Einstein sticking his tongue out at photographers has been sold by a New Hampshire auction house for $74,324.

New York Times Reporter Held by Taliban Escapes

A New York Times reporter is free after more than seven months in captivity in Afghanistan and the newspaper says he and an Afghan reporter escaped from the militants holding them by climbing over a wall.

NYC Man Denies He Dressed as Dead Mother in Scam

A man accused of dressing up as his dead mother to collect her Social Security and rent subsidies is blaming the crime on an impersonator.