San Fran DA Defends Job Program That Trained Illegals

San Francisco's district attorney is defending a city-led job program for first-time drug offenders that has included at least six illegal immigrants.

Pro-Iran Hackers Deface Oregon University Web Site

Message posted on site tells Obama to mind own business, insults Iranian opposition leader.

Judge Blocks Sale of 'Real Housewives' Sex Tape

A judge granted Danielle Staub's request for a temporary restraining order to stop her former boyfriend Stephen Zalewski from releasing a sexually explicit videotape and images of her.

Cops Say Pa. Man Blared Porn to Keep Kids Away

Police in suburban Philadelphia say a man weary of children playing in his cul-de-sac blared a pornographic soundtrack to chase them off.

F-16 Pilot Killed in Training Mission Crash Identified

The military has identified the pilot of an F-16 who was killed in a crash at the Utah Test and Training Range in the state's west desert.

U.S. Soccer Team Beats Top-Ranked Spain in Major Upset

The United States is ranked 14th and was nearly eliminated after losing its first two games in the eight-nation Confederations Cup, a World Cup warmup.

N.C. Program Pays Girls $1 a Day Not to Get Pregnant

A dollar a day keeps the babies away. That's the incentive behind a program called College Bound Sisters at the University of North Carolina at Greenboro aimed at keeping 12- to 18-year-old girls in school and without child.

Freed U.S. Journalist Voices Support for Ex-Cellmate in Iran

Roxana Saberi, the American journalist who was convicted of espionage in Iran but released from prison last month after her eight-year sentence was reduced, is speaking out in support of her former cellmate, Silva Harotonian, who remains behind bars.