Judge Puts Leash on Media Hound Drew Peterson

A judge on Wednesday prohibited murder suspect Drew Peterson, a notorious media hound, from contacting anyone except people on a court-approved list of family, friends and attorneys

Calif. City Approves IDs for Residents, Including Illegals

Oakland is set to become the third U.S. city to issue identification cards to all its residents, including illegal immigrants.

U.N. Denies Targeting News Outlets Over Coverage

A U.N. spokeswoman denies a report that Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and three U.N. officials met last month about critical news coverage by Fox News, the Wall Street Journal and Inner City Press.

Louisville Zoo Train Inspected Daily, Safety Officials Say

A miniature train that derailed and injured 22 people at the Louisville Zoo underwent daily inspections and passed a state examination in January, safety officials said Tuesday.

Person of Interest in 11-Year-Old Girl's Rape Beaten

A person of interest in the horrifying rape of an 11-year-old girl on her way to school in Philadelphia was severely beaten by angry neighbors — and their attack was caught on camera.

Obama's West Bank DemandsStir Israel Tensions

Top Israeli officials continue to rebuff president's call for country to freeze construction of settlements