Charges Expected for Python Owner in Tot's Death

Charges will be brought against the owner of a pet python that strangled a 2-year-old Florida girl in her crib, killing her, police told

Flights Delayed in Chicago Because of Computer Glitch

A computer problem is causing flight delays and long lines for United Airlines passengers at O'Hare International Airport.

US Airways Flight Diverted After Man Strips Mid-Flight

A US Airways flight to Los Angeles was diverted to Albuquerque after a passenger removed all of his clothing mid-flight, forcing flight attendants to cover him with a blanket before he was arrested, authorities said Wednesday.

Ed McMahon Remembered for Unflagging Humor, Spirit

At a tribute to the late sidekick of "The Tonight Show," Ed McMahon was remembered as a rare individual in the entertainment industry — a man whom "100 percent of the people liked," actor Tom Arnold said.

Drugs Hell, Secret Love of Michael Jackson

Two of Michael Jackson ex-confidantes say they tried in vain to keep him from abusing painkillers and other prescriptions, but others in the singer's circle kept the drugs flowing.

Intense Search for U.S. Soldier Captured in Afghanistan

Insurgents have captured an American soldier in eastern Afghanistan after he walked off post with his three Afghan counterparts, officials said Thursday.

Sole Survivor of Jet Crash Returns to Family in Paris

A young girl believed to be the only survivor of an Indian Ocean plane crash flew back to Paris from the Comoros Islands on Thursday to the waiting arms of her father.