How Green Are Jon and Kate Gosselin?

America's latest reality-TV couple pride themselves on being 'green.' But let's be honest: They've got eight kids. How green can they really be?

Shia LeBeouf Admits to Watching His Parents Have Sex

Shia LeBeouf is back to talking about his family in an inappropriate manner, this time saying he got his sense of humor from watching his parents 'have sex.'

Holocaust Museum Suspect Has Racist History

The elderly man suspected of killing a security guard in Washington's Holocaust Museum on Wednesday is an anti-Semitic World War II veteran with links to white supremacist groups who tried nearly 30 years ago to take Federal Reserve board members hos

Letterman Slammed For Jokes About Palin's Daughter

Sarah Palin slams late night comedian for 'innapropriate' sex jokes about her teenage daughter

Key Nations Agree on North Korea Sanctions

Western powers joined with North Korea's key allies Wednesday on a proposal that would impose tough new sanctions against the reclusive communist nation for its second nuclear test, paving the way for quick approval by the U.N. Security Council.

Two Shot at Holocaust Memorial Museum in D.C.

URGENT: Security guard, gunman taken to hospital; gunman ID'd as man with apparent links to white supremacist movement | VIDEO