A Handshake for Qaddafi

Obama's gesture is latest effort to reach out to controversial world leaders to improve U.S. image

Al Qaeda Book Shows Group Is Scared, Experts Say

A new book published by Al Qaeda shows that the terrorist group is under intense pressure and in "deathly fear" of U.S. counterterrorism efforts in Pakistan, terror experts say.

Mysterious Tremors Detected Along San Andreas Fault

Scientists have detected a spike in underground rumblings on a section of California's San Andreas Fault that produced a magnitude-7.8 earthquake in 1857.

Concealed Weapons

Louisiana — More people than ever are looking to carry a concealed weapon, that's according to state police.

Language Barrier Leaves Armed Thief Empty-Handed

An armed man allegedly trying to rob an Alabama food store reportedly walked away empty-handed after a non-English-speaking clerk couldn't understand his demands for money.

FOXSexpert: Orgasm: Is It Really All That?

Humans are spellbound by the Big O. But how important is it really when it comes to great sex?

Woman Vanishes While Working at New York City High-Rise

Police are trying to figure out what happened to a cleaning woman who vanished midway through her shift Tuesday evening at an office tower a few hundred feet from the World Trade Center reconstruction site.

2010 Honda Insight

Is the least expensive hybrid affordable, or just cheap?