Burmese Fossil Indicates Apes Arose in Asia, Not Africa

Ape-like fossil dates back 38 million years, around the time apes first evolved.

Oscar-Winning Actor Karl Malden Dies at Age 97

Malden won a best supporting actor Oscar for his role as Mitch in "A Street Car Named Desire"

Could Neverland Become Michael Jackson's Graceland?

As work crews fan out across Neverland Ranch, the sprawling, 2,600-acre property that once was Michael Jackson's home, speculation is soaring that Neverland could soon become "Foreverland" — a Graceland-style permanent memorial to the King of P

What Celebrity Deaths Teach Us About Surviving Our 50s

If the recent rash of celebrity deaths have taught us anything itÂ’s that surviving your 50s can be hard.

Airline Employees Strip for Safety

Air New Zealand is taking it down to the bare essentials

American Apparel Investigated for Hiring Illegal Workers

American Apparel, a clothing company that prides itself on its made-in-America label, is under investigation by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Services for hiring illegal workers.

Chantix, Zyban to Warn of Suicide, Depression Risk

The Food and Drug Administration will require two smoking-cessation drugs, Chantix and Zyban, to carry the agency's strongest safety warning over side effects including depression and suicidal thoughts.

Ford Sales Down 11 Percent. GM, Toyota 33 Percent

Ford Motor Co. on Wednesday called its 10.7 percent drop in U.S. June sales "steady progress," after a year of sharp declines across the industry.