FDA: Zicam Can Permanently Damage Sense of Smell

The Food and Drug Administration says Zicam nasal spray can permanently damage users' sense of smell.

YouTube Video May Show Gunman Killing Protesters in Iran

In the clip, likely shot from a cell phone, a blue-shirted gunman fires an AK-47 from a second-story window into a courtyard.

White House Blocks Visitor List

Secret Service refuses to release list of guests to the White House since Jan. 20, 2009 — prompting a lawsuit

Olivia Wilde Talks About Being Both Royalty and Megan Fox's

She is a princess, she plays a princess, and Megan Fox has a crush on her

Fergie Goes Topless in 'Allure,' Talks Sex, Piercings, and G

The always provocative star makes a series of interesting revelations

FOX Poll: 83 Percent Support Checking Voters' Photo ID

When it comes to showing photo identification at a polling place before voting, 83 percent of Americans say they think it is a good idea to require it, because it helps avoid fraud.

Lindsay Lohan's Topless Tweet Latest in Bizarre Behavior Bon

Perennial party girl Lindsay Lohan's behavior continues to spiral downward

Report: British Airways Asks Staff to Work for Free

British Airways has asked its 40,000 staff to work without pay for up to a month as the ailing airline seeks to cut costs.