London Police Accused of Waterboarding Suspects

Metropolitan Police officers subjected suspects to waterboarding, according to allegations at the centre of a major anti-corruption inquiry, The Times of London reported on Tuesday

U.S. Envoy: No North Korea Invasion

Obama's special envoy says the U.S. has no plan to invade the communist country or change regime by force• Report: Russia Knows of N. Korea Launch Plans

An Inconvenient Intervention?

Obama may send ex-VP Al Gore to N. Korea to barter for release of two reporters sentenced to hard labor • North Korea Seeks Victory — on the Soccer Field

Cheap Tripping, How to Save Cash on the Road

The gas tank might be empty at the end of your vacation, but your wallet doesn't have to be

Airlines Cut Back on Spoons to Save on Fuel

Passengers planning on flying the friendly skies may no longer be able to enjoy such 'luxuries' as eating with a spoon or reading an in-flight magazine

Boy Accidentally Shoots Brother Over Video Game Argument

An 11-year-old Mississippi boy accidentally killed his 9-year-old brother with a shotgun blast Tuesday as the two struggled over the gun after arguing about a video game, authorities said.