Banks May Need New Stress Tests

Government test of whether 19 major banks could survive recession relied on too rosy a scenario, investigators warn

Veteran LA Police Detective Charged With Murder

A veteran detective was charged with murder Monday in the slaying of her ex-boyfriend's wife in 1986 — a crime that went unsolved for more than two decades as she rose through the Los Angeles Police Department ranks.

Boston Globe Union Rejects Pay, Benefit Cuts

Union members at The Boston Globe narrowly rejected steep cuts in their pay and benefits Monday, prompting the newspaper to immediately impose even steeper reductions in hopes of cutting $10 million in annual expenses and staving off a shutdown

CIA: Detainee Papers Must Stay Secret

Director Panetta tells federal judge releasing documents on interrogations would gravely damage national security• FBI Director Defends Use of Informants in Mosques

Banks May Need New Stress Tests

FOXBusiness: Test of whether 19 banks could survive recession relied on too rosy a scenario, panel finds

Capitol Police Evacuate Visitor Center Because of Bag

Police evacuated the massive Capitol Visitor Center near the end of visiting hours Monday after finding an unattended bag at its entrance. An investigation found nothing hazardous.

Gunmen Kill 10 at Mosque in Southern Thailand

Gunmen opened fire on a mosque in southern Thailand during evening prayers, killing at least 10 people and wounding another 19 in the violence-plagued region, police said.