Boy Journalist, Biden's 'Homeboy,' Gets Scholarship

Albany State University has also offered Damon Weaver free summer sessions through middle and high school

Florida Mayor Arrested After Found Nude at Campsite

Officers had received a complaint about a naked man walking along a nearby road earlier in the day, but the mayor said he was not the same man

Rebel Looks Back 40 Years After Stonewall Riots

The several days of disturbances at the Stonewall bar in Manhattan's Greenwich Village became one of the defining moments of the gay rights movement

Woman Pleads Guilty to Stabbing Stepson With Knife

A 36-year-old western Michigan woman accused of stabbing her 14-year-old stepson in the back with a kitchen knife has pleaded guilty in the case.

Calif. Man Working 3 Jobs Wins $39M Lottery Ticket

A man who works three jobs to support his family — including one as a limousine driver — has won a $39 million jackpot in California's SuperLotto Plus.

Iran Opposition Leader's Web site Shut Down

State Department officials monitoring events in Iran from Dubai have relayed back to Washington that Mousavi's website "Kalemah," his last link to the outside world, is completely shut down.

Energy Bill Sticker Shock

GOP leadership calls climate bill passed in the House 'a bureaucratic nightmare,' warns it will hurt economy• FOX Forum: Obama Wants to Raise Taxes

Sad Picture of Michael Jackson Emerges

As the initial shock of Michael Jackson’s sudden death recedes, a picture of the singer’s tortured lifestyle is emerging, one populated by prescription drugs, sycophants, plastic surgery, lavish spending.

Family and Friends to Mourn Farrah at Private L.A. Funeral

A private funeral service for actress Farrah Fawcett will be held at the Catholic cathedral of Los Angeles next Tuesday, June 30, church officials told Reuters.