Wikipedia Blocks Edits by Church of Scientology

Online encyclopedia blocks any computer linked to Scientology from editing pages, due to repeated violations of site's no-self-serving-edit rule

Judge's Word Choice 'Poor'

Obama says Supreme Court nominee Sotomayor 'would have restated' remark that critics have called racist

Where Are Those '90s Artists Now? (Don't Go There!)

Its been almost 20 years since since we were all ripping our jeans - but what happened to our fave bands?

Horrifying Details Emerge in Hearing on Va. Tech Murder

Corey Cox said he had just returned from a break at his job at Au Bon Pan in Tech's Graduate Life Center on Jan. 21 when he heard growling and screaming. He looked up to see Haiyan Zhu attacking Xin Yang.

Production Company Gives GIs Opportunity to Make Films

GI Pictures will produce at least one project a year in which all writing, producing, directing, acting, and crew jobs are done by military members and their families

Phil Spector Sentenced to 19 Years to Life for Murder

Music producer Phil Spector has been sentenced to 19 years to life in prison for the murder of actress Lana Clarkson.

Japanese University Gives Out iPhones — With a Catch

Aoyama Gakuin University giving out gadget to students as means to keep tabs on truants.

City Uses Seasonal Cops With One Month of Training

The population of Ocean City, Md., explodes every summer, creating the need for a much larger police force — but leaving the city patrolled by seasonal cops with only a month's training.

U.K. Mother Reunited With Abducted Son on Facebook

A mother whose son was abducted 27 years ago has been reunited with him after tracking him down on Facebook.