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Get Covered ... or Pay Up

Americans who refuse to buy medical coverage may be hit with fines over $1,000 under new bill by Senate Dems

Private Pathologist: Asphyxia Likely Killed Carradine

The private pathologist who conducted a second autopsy on David Carradine's body said Friday that Thai authorities have determined the actor died of asphyxia and so far, he agrees

War Stories: Siege of Firebase Ripcord

This amazing 'War Stories' episode takes you through one of the bloodiest and least known battles of the Vietnam War

Utah Inmate Attempts Escape With Toilet Paper 'Bomb'

An Iron County inmate tried to escape from a correctional facility by fashioning a fake bomb, from toilet paper rolls, headphone wires and a pencil eraser, the sheriff's office said.

Vet's U.S. Flag Vandalized, Replaced by Gift From Iraq

Marine veteran whose American flag was torched Monday gets a replacement flag from Iraq War Army veteran who brought it all the way from his Iraq base.