Animal Shelter Increase

Friday, March 6, 2009 - 9:33am

They're cute, cuddly and most of the time considered part of the family.

But it seems lately there have been more and more cases of animal cruelty taking place in and around Acadiana.

Patricia Guillory, Supervisor at the St. Landry Parish Animal Shelter says, “I believe that it’s always been there. It’s just that more people are becoming aware that they should report it instead of letting it go by."

It was just Tuesday that this woman, Carol Wheaton, was arrested for animal cruelty.

Her two dogs looked like this when animal control got there and witnesses say they were chained without food or water for weeks.

The horrible part of this story, this dog was actually adopted from the shelter.

“It's really hard on us because we take care of an animal before we can find a home for it and we hope and pray it's a good home,” Patricia says.

While animal cruelty does play a roll in why these shelters are full, lately it seems the economy is the reason. Rhonda Thibodeaux with the Acadia Parish shelter says they're overwhelmed with the number of animals they've been getting in.

"We have so many people dropping off now and normally we didn't have this many. It’s just a little overwhelming," Rhonda says.

Rhonda says so far today {Thursday} they got these13 dogs from one owner.

“People were complaining about the dogs barking and running around. We went out there to see about it and we noticed that there were 13 dogs. The guy said don't even worry about it, take them, ‘cause I can't afford them,” Rhonda says.

It seems as the economy continues to suffer so do the one's that can't fend for themselves.