Lafayette's Super Ref

Greg Gautreaux will ref the Super Bowl

Friday, January 30, 2009 - 5:58pm

When Super Bowl Sunday FINALLY gets here, the whole country will tune in to watch the action. The Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals will duke it out in Super Bowl 43 from Tampa, Fla.

And Lafayette's own, Greg Gautreaux will be there.

Gautreaux is part of the seven man officiating crew that will call this year's championship game. We tried to chat with Gautreaux before the biggest game of his life, and couldn't pull him in for an interview. It's not his fault. The NFL official's contracts prohibit their refs from talking about the big game. We didn't want to get Greg in trouble, but an accomplishment this big deserved some recognition. We caught up with a few of this longtime friends to find out how special this really is for Gautreaux.