Trucking and the Economy

Thursday, March 5, 2009 - 9:23am

Erik Mire drove trucks for over 30 years and said in those years he's never wanted for a job.

Now he's an instructor at the Louisiana Technical College in Crowley and says if someone wants job security they need to find something that people will always need.

"Construction goes up and down transportation stays steady because they're delivering the products we need on a daily basis. That's where your security is," Erik said.

Administrators at the technical college say they've seen a significant increase in the last 2 months of walk-ins and phone inquiries on trucking program.

Student, Steven Moore says the economy plays a big roll in why he decided to enter the program.

Moore said, "really its job security. Once you get into the trucking business you will always have a job. Somebody in the CDL business is always hiring."

Nick Treadway says, lately, calls have been coming from people in the oil industry.

Treadway said, "as a matter of fact today, I spoke to a directional driller and he said he was worried that his job would be slowing down so he wanted to get a CDL to have something to fall back on."

Treadway said if someone is laid off and they're the primary breadwinner in the family, this free, six week course offers them a chance to get back to work without losing to much time and money.

As people continue to feel the effects of this sluggish economy, these guys will keep on truckin'.