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$1.2M in Scholarships to Help Couples Afford Marriage Counseling

Broken trust, lack of communication, and familial tensions are unexpectedly growing this year, and for those struggling marriages through the COVID-19 pandemic there are resources that want to help couples through this unprecedented time.

When it comes to married couples in America, marriage counselor and author Bob Paul explains how some may face additional challenges.

“Marriage under normal circumstances is just full of possibilities and challenges, but when you add the COVID-19 pandemic and the possibility of people losing their job, getting sick and being concerned about family members getting sick, it just amps it up to another level,” says Paul.

Hope Restored, which deals with marital crisis, has budgeted $1.2 million in scholarships that bob says can help couples afford a marriage intensive.

“We’ve made the scholarship money available and we are helping people out on a regular basis just to come and get the help they need.”

Mixed with the added strain couples counseling may be the last thing on a lot peoples’ minds, but could ultimately save marriages.

“Most people, it actual turns out care about each other,” says Paul. “Sometimes when things are really difficult, it gets hard to either express that care that you have or even maybe remember that you care and the circumstances alone where we just hate to see couples and families ravaged by life and let alone something significant as this.”

What is a Marriage Intensive?

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