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FedEx Text Scam Alert: Don’t Fall for Delivery Notifications Texts Claiming to Be From FedEx


It’s an exciting feeling we can all relate to FedEx notifying you that your package has been delivered.

But before you mindlessly click on that text message that looks like it’s from FedEx, take a second look because it could be a scam.

Some people around the country even here in Louisiana are receiving text messages from FedEx that show a supposed tracking code and link to “set delivery preferences.” The scary thing though the reason why many people are falling for this scam it uses your name.


Now many people say they clicked the link because they wanted to check what package was being delivered.

If you click that link it directs people to a fake Amazon listing and then asks them to take a customer satisfaction survey.

After answering a couple questions, the scam then asks for personal information and a credit card number to claim a free gift.

But this is not real.

The Better Business Bureau says instead of calls scammers are texting and it could be deceiving.

They use the official seals that come from the website,” said Laurian Clause, Better Business Bureau. “Duplicating websites is very easy. When you’re getting a text message it looks very reputable. They’ll ask you to click on a particular link. When you do that’s when they can run malware software and their accessing all of your personal information.  ”

Now FedEx has tweeted that people should not open the suspicious message, saying they should be deleted and reported to this email here as soon as possible.

FedEx also says they do not send unsolicited texts or emails requesting money, package or personal information.

If you have opened the link don’t worry just delete that link and the text message as soon as possible to keep you and your phone protected.

If you’ve become the target of these types of spam messages, we recommend blocking the number immediately. iPhone and Android users both have access to built-in spam-blocking tools that should help cut down on the number of fake messages.