60 Second Science 5-29-2020

Video Here

“Hey everybody it is Meteorologist Cory Smith for another installment of 60 second science. Hurricane Season is just a few days away so lets talk about tropical weather and more specifically what makes tropical weather, well, tropical. We talk about low-pressure systems all the time and they have important features called fronts. Warm air is brought in from the south and we see a warm front set up on the eastern half of the system while to the south we see cold air being brought down which is where the cold front forms. These fronts bring distinct types of weather with them that we see here in Acadiana throughout the year. As for a tropical system on distinct thing that makes it tropical is the lack of these fronts. There really isn’t any colder or warmer air so while the air still spins around the low we don’t see those fronts form. If you have any science or weather questions make sure to send those in and I will see you guys next time.”