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A Flock of Bird Scooters Scattered Throughout Lafayette

LAFAYETTE – “They just pop up over night. Like literally Santa Clause passed and boom; they’re all over the town,” says Sam Easterling, who is a Portland resident but currently working in Lafayette.

The Hub City was the most recent target by “Bird,” the electric scooter rental service, catching residents by surprise, including city officials.

“Well we found out about the scooters when everybody else did this morning when they showed up and all saw them,” explains Cydra Wingerter, LCG’s Chief Communications Officer.

People are already taking a liking to the newest form of transportation.

“I gotta try it out. Looks like fun,” says Phil brunet, who was enjoying lunch with friends at Deano’s on Bertrand when he noticed the scooters outside.

So he downloaded the app and took it for a test run.

To hop on one of these bird scooters, it’s only gonna cost you a dollar, and they go a comfortably 15 miles per hour, and with only a price of 15 cents an hour after that initial dollar, it’s cheaper than paying for a parking meter.

Once you’re done using the scooter, you can literally leave them wherever you want.

Sam Easterling says, although he loves riding “Birds”, the scooters can often pile up.

“If you want them to stick around, I’d say be really smart,” explains Easterling, “Make sure you’re parking them in areas that no one can trip over them, just out of the way.”

Which is why the city is now in contact with bird officials in order to figure out the best way to monitor these scooters.

Says Wingerter, “We’re really not quite sure what we need to do from the LCG and a private company stand point so we’re looking at all that.”

You can also apply to become a “Bird” charger. The company will actually pay you to pick up scooters at the end of the day and charge them, just as long as you have them out and about and ready to ride by 7 am.