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A Life of Golf: An 8 Year Old’s Dedication to the Game

LAFAYETTE – This week, over 1,500 children ages 6-12 from over 50 different countries are competing in the U.S. Kids Golf World Championship in Pinehurst, North Carolina, including one kid from right here in Acadiana.

They say golf is a lot like life; for 8 year old Carter Bourque, Golf is life. That’s a fact his parents found out by the time Carter was just two years old, when they first put a toy golf club in his hands.

“We had some balls on the ground and he just swung and he was consistently hitting the ball,” says Alysson Bourque, Carter’s mother.

After that, like so many of the golf greats he idolizes, it became an obsession. If you ask him why he loves the game so much, “Because I get to play with my dad and I get to have fun.”

A man of few words, Carter prefers to focus on the task at hand, improving his game at any chance he can get.

“He just has a love for the game,” explains his mother, “So it’s not hard for him to practice.”

“I like practicing,” adds Carter.

That relentless drive is one of the reasons carter will be competing in his third straight U.S. Kids Golf World Championship. It’s a tournament that every golfer must qualify for.

Carter Bourque explains what it takes to get there, “Practice a lot…Play a lot…Play a lot of tournaments and win most of the tournaments and get a lot of points for tournaments to go to there.”

Yes, he’s still just a kid, but Carter’s immediate infatuation with golf made it easy for his parents to support him.

Says Alysson Bourque, “We knew that this was a passion for him and he started winning tournaments so we knew that this was his gift.”

A gift indeed. While shooting this story, Carter actually taught me, the less talented Carter, a trick when it comes to chipping that actually improved my game.

But golf has allowed Carter Bourque to teach his own mother a thing or two – not just about the game – but about life.

“He has taught me that golf is something that can help you increase your own talents within,” says the proud mom.

If his love for practice is any indication, that talent could be life changing for young Carter Bourque.