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A Louisiana Dad and Daughter Doesn’t Let COVID-19 Spoil Their Big Dance

Several events are canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), but that didn’t stop one father and daughter from enjoying the big dance. Chase Boutte and his 6-year-old daughter Cameron Boutte say they were excited to attend the daddy daughter dance at St. Cecilia school this year, but it was canceled due to the virus. The pair decided not to let that stop them from dancing. “We usually do it every school year and this is my second time and I love doing the daddy daughter dance,” said Cameron. Her father Chase wasn’t going to let a cancellation stop their date. Cameron said she was really disappointed that it got canceled, and realized they didn’t need a dance floor, and could do everything themselves. So that’s what the pair did with the help of mom and little brother. They went all out, daddy and daughter got all dressed, enjoyed dinner and even had photo time.
Cameron even showing her dad a few moves, and they even danced to one of her parents favorite songs.
Ashlie Boutte, Cameron’s mom says, “It just melts my heart. I was a daddy’s girl growing up in to see their relationship with them were just humbled by the love that’s gotten shown by it.” Chase says during these hard times it’s important to make the most with your family. “Just have fun you do know we just let loose. We just let loose in the living room. I made a special moment out of nothing.”