A thousand pounds of food spoils after New Iberia food pantry loses power

A thousand pounds of food for the community in need now in the trash.

After losing power during Hurricane Barry, a New Iberia food pantry had to throw away food that spoiled in their cooler.

Executive Director of Solomon House, Ella Norma says, “Because we were not able to give that to them this week it makes us a little sad.”

Many in the community, including more than half of the residents at School Days Apartments, depend on Solomon House.

Colby Green is the property manager at School Days Apartments. She says, “On every Tuesday they deliver to my residents and they’re waiting for that, for their meals.”

But due to power outages after Hurricane Barry, this week is a little different.

Norma says, “We actually lost approximately over a thousand pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables dairy, meat products that we would have normally distributed to our clients.”

Without power the cooler the food was stored in went beyond the danger zone temperature.

Items in their freezers were able to remain cold and their pantry is still available. But the significant loss off fresh food has everyone thinking, “What about the clients?”

Green says, “Some of them (School Days residents) are waiting on that delivery on Tuesday to cook and eat so my first thing was ‘Oh my god what are they going to do?'”

Norma says, “They were very gracious about it, they understood. Some of them tried to make us feel better because they knew that we were disappointed.”

Combine that with a greater need after Hurricane Barry and their shelves along with their coolers and freezers may get even more bare, that’s why they’re hoping the rest of the community can help.

Green says, “To stop and think that could be one of our loved ones, that could be one of us one day and what would we do if we were in that situation? So again I think as a community we’re going to have to come together and help support each other.”

Norma says this isn’t the end for fresh food in their pantry. “We’re looking at going forward. We are a member of Second Harvest and we do participate in Feed America so more food will be coming in but it did impact the clients we serve today.”

Norma also mentions they plan to get a generator in the near future to prevent this from happening again.

To donate call Solomon House at 337-364-7798 or email solohousedirector@gmail.com.