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A “Tripp” to Success: Trip Montgomery

New Iberia, LA (KADN) — Because of the pandemic, Centenary sophomore swimmer Tripp Montgomery has been home from college since March. He works out almost every day to stay in shape for the breaststroke and individual medley. It still not the same as offseason workouts back at school.

“For me what I realized is it was a lot harder for me to get swimming practices in,” Tripp said. “My pool isn’t the recommended size. for those bans that I have right there it makes it like an endless pool.”

the NISH graduate says his mom told him he was a natural swimmer as an infant.  He didn’t start swimming on a team until his junior season.  In his senior year, he gave up football and focused on swimming and earn his scholarship. His football friends understood.

“I picked it up and I went to my first practice and I absolutely loved it,” Tripp said. “A lot of my football friends just said man for you to get a college scholarship for swimming that was a good move on your part. I remember my first swim meet I was nervous and my dad said what are you nervous about. this is your first meet. Just go after it.”

Tripp felt even more comfortable at his swim meets when his best friend Seth came to see him. His message to other athletes is don’t be afraid to try something new.
“The sport of swimming is bigger than most people think in Louisiana,” Tripp said. “Just go out and try it. I would say you’ll fall in love with it.”

Tripp teaches swimming lessons here at his parents’ house. He’s getting out of the pool but he never dries off from his calling.