Acadia Parish Tornado Results in 11th Fatality Since 1983

The most powerful tornado in more than 35 years struck Acadia Parish on Sunday evening and left a path of destruction in its wake.

Cars and SUV’s were flipped over, mobile homes were destroyed, trees were snapped in half, and debris was scattered across Prudence Highway in Church Point.

A very large mobile home was picked up and thrown on its side by the intense 150 mph wind.

This large mobile home is where a woman from Church Point lost her life riding out the storm. 

It’s the 11th tornado death in Acadiana since 1983 when the last F3/EF3 tornado struck south Louisiana.

All of this happened close to other homes that were left mostly untouched by the devastating tornado.

 If possible it’s best to evacuate a mobile home and get to a sturdy structure when a tornado warning is issued for where you live.

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