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Acadiana Celebrates MLK Day Through Acts of Service

“On a day like MLK Day, we have a day on and not a day off,” said Second Harvest Food Bank Community Outreach Coordinator Brittany Bowie.

Volunteering has become an integral part of honoring Dr. Martin Luther king Jr.

Local companies gathered at Second Harvest Food Bank in Lafayette to lend a helping hand for others.

“We’re here today at Second Harvest Food Bank with a number of volunteers in celebration of Martin Luther King Day, packing 10,000 meals to address food scarcity throughout South Louisiana,” said President of Blue Cross Foundation of Louisiana Michael Tipton.

People around town say they hope today’s significance will help inspire upcoming generations.

“When these kids look up to who’s running the government now and seeing the attitudes and tenor of speech, it’s scary,” said Marvin Sitrin.

While many kids do understand king’s message…

“For black and white people to live together,” said 8-year-old Blue Cross volunteer Jackson Alderman.

Local community groups say continuing programs that promote Dr. King’s message will help local youth.

“I believe because we have that older generation that remembers when Rr. King was there, some of them was there at that time, they’re wanting to bring that new generation into it,” said Valerie Lewis of Oasis Community Coterie. “So that’s where we are now, trying to bridge the gap to bring back the dream of unity, peace and oneness.”

People around town can agree that Dr. King’s message is even more important now than in the past.

“I think he made such an impact on our conscience in this country,” said Sitrin.

“I believe it is, with different community organizations we have in this community we definitely believe in oneness, and unity, but more importantly, peace,” said Lewis.

“One thing that he stood for, was for us to come together and be able to help our community,” said Bowie. “So, with an event like today and every other event that’s taken place today, it’s in dedication to know we still can come together and do things for others.”