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Acadiana Senator: Blanco Has Influenced Acadiana’s Political Landscape

As Louisiana mourns the loss of former Governor Kathleen Blanco, one Acadiana senator is recalling her impact on Louisiana’s political landscape.

“I’m truly blessed that I had an opportunity to be affiliated, associated and aligned with Kathleen Blanco.” said Senator Gerald Boudreaux.

Before Boudreaux was a state senator, he had served under 5 Lafayette Mayor-Presidents.

He attributed his decision to finally run for office five years to Blanco

“There were numerous opportunities when the discussion was held that maybe that’s something you need to take a look at. It was always some subtle way of saying you’re not done and you can do more and the people need you.” he explained.

Boudreaux saw first hand how the former governor would inspire other African Americans to run for office.

“For African Americans, she would always say you have to be inclusive. People have left you out and not counted you. We have to make sure that we are doing our part to keep the dream alive, to keep hope alive, to help more people.” said Boudreaux.

He believes there would be a void in Louisiana politics without her influence

“Without her, taking those steps. I don’t think we could look and see who else would want to do this so I think just her along her journey will positively impact when it comes of involvement of minorities into politics, but I think even more their positions, not only in government but in the private sector.” said Boudreaux.